Leading modular home-builder to establish operations in Hobart

One of Australia’s leading modular home-builders, EMAC Systembuilt Group, is to manufacture and sell homes out of Hobart to the Tasmanian market.

EMAC Systembuilt Group has acquired Hobart-based Mornington Park Homes, which was placed into receivership in February after three decades in business. The new company will trade as Systembuilt Homes and is a division of EMAC Systembuilt Group. The workforce formerly used by Mornington Park Homes was stood-down prior to Systembuilt’s acquisition, but Systembuilt will offer employment to as many of the former workforce as possible. Three individuals previously used by Mornington Park Homes have already been offered positions.

“This is a proud moment for EMAC Systembuilt Group and we’re delighted to extend our products and services to Tasmania,” commented Mr. Henry. “We have a lot of confidence in this market and know that our decision to invest in Tasmania is a wise one.”

EMAC Systembuilt Group believes there is the need for a single operator in the Tasmanian market that can provide solutions for the residential, commercial and ‘anything-in-between’ market.

“We not only produce quality residential homes with Systembuilt and commercial units through our EMAC division, we also have a long history in providing modular school units, office accommodation and ablution blocks,” added Mr. Henry.

“The Tasmanian market is recovering from a recessionary period, with new commercial development approvals within Hobart and residential developments on the increase.”

Systembuilt has firm plans for the Tasmanian market. Its optimism is fuelled by the fact that many of the modular homes and buildings supplied to the Tasmanian market are produced in Victoria and other states.

“Our business plan will create opportunities for local employment. We will use local labour and suppliers to support our new operations,” confirmed Mr Henry.

In the immediate term, Systembuilt Homes will prioritise the establishment of its residential products. Modular housing has become an increasingly viable and attractive option for families. Systembuilt homes are characterised by rendered exteriors, innovative roof lines and contemporary interior furnishings like floating floorboards and glossy bench-tops. Modern kitchen and bathroom designs as well as stylish decks and verandas are also common features.

“We look forward to introducing to Tasmania a new generation of modular homes. The industry has revolutionised itself in the past decade and Systembuilt has been a pioneer. We produce modular housing that is very affordable, innovative and stylish.”

“Our product is largely unknown in Tasmania. For around $120 000, a family can buy a beautifully spacious and modern four-bedroomed house with master en-suite,” added Mr. Henry. “We believe we have a product and a business model that will stimulate the interest of the Tasmanian housing market.”

There is also good news for customers who had paid deposits to Mornington Park Homes. Systembuilt Homes will honour all of their deposits. Operations Manager for Systembuilt Mr Shaun Henry explained: “Some people paid as much as $16,000 as a deposit, which ordinarily they would have lost. These are people who worked hard to save for a new home. We will honour their deposits.”

EMAC was established in 1968, and through its various divisions, has supplied modular homes and commercial buildings throughout South Australia, Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales and the Northern Territory. It also services the commercial market in WA. The EMAC Systembuilt Group holds the internationally-recognised ISO 9001:2008 Quality Accreditation from SAI Global, along with Health, Safety and Environmental Management policies aligned with ISO 14001:2004.