Systembuilt's Loft on Seventh apartments featured in new SA Government Policy

A render of our Loft on Seventh apartments at the new Bowden development has featured in the Housing in the City policy released by the South Australian government this week.

Integrated Transport and Land Use Policy spread

This policy outlines the government’s plans for housing in and around Adelaide – including more affordable housing options – with a vision towards building a stronger South Australia.

Some of these are summarised in the introduction from Premier Jay Weatherill:

We need to promote a new style of inner city living that gives people the type of housing they want,
in the areas they want to live, at prices they can afford to pay.

More people living centrally will make it more viable to create the new public transport options we want to develop, including trams that loop the city with spurs to the suburbs north, south, east and west.

The new Integrated Transport and Land Use Plan for South Australia, released alongside this policy, sets out our transport and land use priorities for the next 30 years. Importantly, this will give people living in our suburbs easier access to enjoy our vibrant city. The Plan is designed to reduce transport times and help relieve congestion, particularly in greater Adelaide, which helps ensure that our capital city is a competitive place to live, invest and do business.

More central and affordable housing will help us to keep our young, skilled South Australians in the State and contributing to our economy by giving them a start in housing and a city lifestyle where they can be close to work and social opportunities.

Attracting and retaining talented young people will be central to our economic future.

There will also be more options for baby boomers choosing to live differently to previous generations by downsizing from large family homes in the suburbs into attractive and convenient locations.

All of our Loft on Seventh apartments have been sold, but at time of publishing there is still availability in our recently released Gibson&7th apartments, also within the Bowden development.

Download the full policy document here (5.3mb PDF).